Wake County

Wake County

Last updated January 2022

790,394 Total Voters

Republican 22.76% Democrat 36.4% Libertarian 0.82% Green 0% Constitution 0% Unaffiliated 40.03%
White 62% Black 18.36% Other 19.64%

Wake County is located in the U.S. state of North Carolina. , the population was 1,129,410, making it North Carolina's most populous county as well as the most populous county in the Carolinas. From July 2005 to July 2006, Wake County was the 9th fastest-growing county in the United States, with the town of Cary and the city of Raleigh being the 8th and 15th fastest-growing cities, respectively.

Its county seat is Raleigh, which is also the state capital. Eleven other municipalities are in Wake County, the largest of which is Cary, the third largest city of the Research Triangle region and the seventh largest municipality in North Carolina.

It is governed by the Wake County Board of Commissioners, coterminous with the Wake County Public School System school district, with law enforcement provided by the Wake County Sheriff's Department. It is also part of the wider Triangle J Council of Governments which governs regional planning.

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Unemployment 7.05%

Voter Registration Thousands

In the General Assembly

  • State House
  • Duane Hall (NC-11)
  • Rosa Gill (NC-33)
  • Deborah Ross (NC-34)
  • Chris Malone (NC-35)
  • Nelson Dollar (NC-36)
  • Paul Stam (NC-37)
  • Yvonne Holley (NC-38)
  • Darren Jackson (NC-39)
  • Marilyn Avila (NC-40)
  • Tom Murry (NC-41)
  • Jim Fulghum (NC-49)
  • State Senate
  • Dan Blue (NC-14)
  • Neal Hunt (NC-15)
  • Josh Stein (NC-16)
  • Tamara Barringer (NC-17)
  • Chad Barefoot (NC-18)

Election Results