Earmarks Requested for Laurinburg in Fiscal Year 2011

13 earmarks were requested on behalf of Laurinburg
worth an average of $876,769 each, for a total of $11,398,000.

Note: this list contains duplicates when multiple legislators request similar earmarks.

Earmark ↓ Amount Legislator Type
Roads Resurfacing Project & Campus Resurfacing Project$2,500,000Larry KissellTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Renewable Energy Project$2,000,000Larry KissellEnergy & Water
Laurinburg Institute Organizational Parity with Comparable Institutions$1,000,000Larry KissellLabor/HHS/Education
STEM Program$1,000,000Larry KissellLabor/HHS/Education
Jobs Training Program$750,000Larry KissellLabor/HHS/Education
50 Cities Program$750,000Larry KissellLabor/HHS/Education
Laurinburg 20 inch Water Transmission Main Replacement$648,000Larry KissellInterior & Environment
Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Intermodal Industrial Complex Study$600,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Intermodal Industrial Complex Study$600,000Larry KissellTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Scotland County Senior Wellness Center$500,000Larry KissellLabor/HHS/Education
Emergency Operations Center$350,000Richard BurrHomeland Security
Scotland County Emergency Operations Center$350,000Kay HaganHomeland Security
Scotland County Emergency Operations Center$350,000Larry KissellHomeland Security