Earmarks Requested for Raleigh in Fiscal Year 2011

208 earmarks were requested on behalf of Raleigh
worth an average of $1,699,167 each, for a total of $353,426,809.

Note: this list contains duplicates when multiple legislators request similar earmarks.

Earmark ↓ Amount Legislator Type
Phase 1 - Training Site AT Complex-Phased Construction$15,600,000G.K. Butterfield
Phase I - Training Site AT Complex - Phased Construction at Camp Butner Training Site Complex$15,600,000Brad MillerMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
I-85 Widening in Davidson and Rowan Counties (Yadkin River Bridge)$10,000,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Replace Squadron Operations Facility$8,500,000Larry KissellMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Replace Squadron Operations Facility$8,500,000Craig Weber
Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority Wave Transit Maintenance and Operations Center$7,500,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Wood Utilization Research$7,100,000David PriceAgriculture
The City of Raleigh Fiber Network$6,150,582Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
The Dempsey E. Benton Backwash Water Treatment Facility$5,800,000Kay HaganInterior & Environment
Nano-Structured Materials for Safe and Clean Renewable Energy$5,000,000Kay HaganEnergy & Water
Microfiber Fuel Cell and Renewable Hydrogen Generation Technology Development$5,000,000Kay HaganDefense
Unit Specific Historical records for Servicemembers in the Military$5,000,000Larry KissellDefense
Transit Systems in the Triangle, NC$5,000,000Brad MillerTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Replacement Buses for Urban Transit Systems$5,000,000David PriceTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
CATS Operations and Maintenance Facility$4,600,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Capital Area Transit Replacement Buses$4,500,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Carbon Nanotechnology for Energy Conversion and Savings$4,000,000Bob EtheridgeDefense
Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research at NCSU$4,000,000Kay HaganInterior & Environment
Low Defect Density Gallium Nitride Materials for High Performance Electronic Devices$4,000,000Kay HaganDefense
NC State - Carbon Nanotechnology Energy Conversion and Storage Program$4,000,000David Price
Carbon Nanotechnology Energy Conversion and Storage Program$3,500,000Kay HaganDefense
North Carolina Collaboratory for Bio-Preparedness ("NC B-Prepared")$3,500,000Brad MillerHomeland Security
U. S. 17 and Related Transportation Improvements$3,100,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
National Textile Center$3,000,000G.K. Butterfield
Integrated Biomass Refining Institute$3,000,000Bob EtheridgeEnergy & Water
Modified Carbon Based Water Purification$3,000,000Bob EtheridgeEnergy & Water
S/TEM Microscope for Biotechnology$3,000,000Bob EtheridgeEnergy & Water
National Textile Center$3,000,000Kay HaganCommerce, Justice & Science
National Textile Center$3,000,000Mike McIntyreCommerce, Justice & Science
US 17 Brunswick Hospital Upgrades$3,000,000Mike McIntyreTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
S-TEMicroscope$3,000,000Brad MillerEnergy & Water
Integrated Electronic Product Design Initiative$3,000,000David PriceDefense
Fire Fighting Team Support Facility$2,723,000Heath Shuler
Bonner Bridge (US-12)$2,000,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Pembroke Northern Bypass Rail Connector Track$2,000,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-40/I-77 Improvements in Iredell County$2,000,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
US-52 in Davidson and Forsyth Counties$2,000,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Bertie County Biodiesel/Canola Project$2,000,000G.K. Butterfield
US 70 in Wayne and Lenoir Counties, North Carolina$2,000,000G.K. Butterfield
US 17 in Beaufort County, NC$2,000,000G.K. Butterfield
US 158 in Camden and Pasquotank Counties, NC$2,000,000G.K. Butterfield
NC Water and Water Systems Efficiency Program$2,000,000G.K. Butterfield
Bone-Integrated Prosthetics for Combat-Injured Soldiers$2,000,000Bob EtheridgeDefense
Integrated Electronics Product Design Institute$2,000,000Bob EtheridgeDefense
Water and Wastewater System Efficiency Program$2,000,000Bob EtheridgeEnergy & Water
US 401 in Cumberland, Harnett and Wake Counties$2,000,000Bob EtheridgeTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Mission Critical Power Systems Reliability Surveys$2,000,000Kay HaganDefense
Injured Soldier Bone-Integrated Prosthetics Research$2,000,000Kay HaganDefense
I-95 Rehabilitation$2,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
NC 12$2,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-85 in Davidson and Rowan Counties, NC$2,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-40/I-77 Improvements$2,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Bone Integrated Prosthetics for Combat-Injured Soldiers$2,000,000Larry KissellDefense
George Liles Parkway in Cabarrus County, NC$2,000,000Larry KissellTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Widening of NC 3 in Cabarrus County, NC$2,000,000Larry KissellTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
North Carolina Rural Center Water and Wastewater System Efficiency Program$2,000,000Larry KissellEnergy & Water
Technical Assistance to Livestock/Poultry Producers, North Carolina$2,000,000Mike McIntyreAgriculture
North Carolina Rural Center's Water and Wastewater Efficiency Project$2,000,000Mike McIntyreEnergy & Water
I-95 Upgrades in Robeson County$2,000,000Mike McIntyreTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
NC 24 Upgrades in Cumberland, Duplin, and Sampson$2,000,000Mike McIntyreTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Wave Transit O&M Center$2,000,000Mike McIntyreTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Integrated Electronics Product Design Initiative$2,000,000Brad MillerDefense
North Carolina Partnership in Regenerative Medicine Science and Engineering (NC PROMISE)$2,000,000Brad MillerDefense
Carbon Nanotechnology Energy Conversion and Storage$2,000,000Brad MillerDefense
Water and Wastewater Systems Efficiency Program$2,000,000Brad MillerEnergy & Water
US 29 Business and US 158 in Reidsville, NC$2,000,000Brad MillerTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Integrated Hazard Risk Management: Phase II$2,000,000David PriceHomeland Security
Raleigh Outer Loop (NC-540)$2,000,000David PriceTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-26 Connector in Buncombe County, NC$2,000,000Heath Shuler
Howell Mill Road in Haywood County, NC$2,000,000Heath ShulerTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
North Carolina Rural Center Water and Wastewater System Efficiency Program$2,000,000Heath Shuler
Mallard Creek Road in Mecklenburg County, NC$2,000,000Craig Weber
I-85 in Davidson and Rowan Counties$2,000,000Craig Weber
US 52 widening, in Forsyth County, NC$2,000,000Craig Weber
Blue Ridge Parkway Conservation Project$1,952,000Heath Shuler
ARNG Soldier/Family Support: NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000G.K. Butterfield
Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Bob EtheridgeDefense
ARNG Soldier/Family Support: NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Kay HaganDefense
ARNG Soldier/Family Support: NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Larry KissellDefense
NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Mike McIntyreDefense
North Carolina National Guard Family Assistance Center$1,600,000Brad MillerDefense
NC National Guard - Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000David PriceDefense
ARNG Soldier/Family Support: NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Craig Weber
Forensic Science Center$1,500,000Bob EtheridgeCommerce, Justice & Science
Police Department Technology Project$1,500,000Kay HaganCommerce, Justice & Science
CATS Operations and Maiotenance Facility$1,500,000Brad MillerTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Greening Our Community with Jobs and Affordable Housing$1,203,000Bob EtheridgeCommerce, Justice & Science
NC DJJDP Vocational Education Program$1,203,000Bob EtheridgeCommerce, Justice & Science
North Carolina Counter Drug Task Force Growth$1,200,000G.K. Butterfield
North Carolina Counter Drug Task Force Growth$1,200,000Kay HaganDefense
NCNG Military Skills Engagement Trainer$1,070,000Bob EtheridgeDefense
Military Skills Engagement Trainer - Classroom Trainer (MSET-CT)$1,060,000Heath Shuler
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Testing Laboratory$1,045,000Kay HaganEnergy & Water
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Testing Laboratory$1,045,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Wood Utilization Research$1,000,000Richard BurrAgriculture
Rural Center Water and Wastewater System Efficiency System$1,000,000Richard BurrEnergy & Water
North Carolina Rural Center Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative$1,000,000G.K. Butterfield
Community Mobilization Project for Dislocated Workers$1,000,000G.K. Butterfield
The National Textile Center at NCSU$1,000,000Bob EtheridgeCommerce, Justice & Science
WakeMed Children's Hospital$1,000,000Bob EtheridgeLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina Rural Center Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative$1,000,000Kay HaganEnergy & Water
Integrated Biomass Refining Initiative$1,000,000Kay HaganEnergy & Water
North Carolina Counter Drug Task Force Growth$1,000,000Kay HaganDefense
Community Mobilization Project for Dislocated Workers$1,000,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
Expanding STEM Careers in Medical Technology for Minority Students$1,000,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
WakeMed Children's Hospital$1,000,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
Downtown Raleigh Pedestrian bridge and safety features$1,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Sealed Corridor Short Throat Crossing Improvements, NC$1,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
North Carolina Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy$1,000,000Larry KissellDefense
North Carolina Rural Center Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative$1,000,000Larry KissellEnergy & Water
Community Mobilization Project for Dislocated Workers$1,000,000Larry KissellLabor/HHS/Education
Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative$1,000,000Brad MillerEnergy & Water
Nano-structured Materials for Energy Research$1,000,000Brad MillerEnergy & Water
Dempsey E. Benton Water Treatment Plant Backwash Waste Treatment Facility$1,000,000Brad MillerInterior & Environment
Nature Research Center - NC Musemn of Natural Sciences$1,000,000Brad MillerLabor/HHS/Education
Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope (S/TEM)$1,000,000David PriceEnergy & Water
Dempsey E. Benton Water Treatment Plant Backwash Waste Facility$1,000,000David PriceInterior & Environment
North Carolina Rural Center Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative$1,000,000Heath Shuler
Sealed Corridor Short Throat Crossing Improvements, NC$1,000,000Craig Weber
North Carolina Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy$1,000,000Craig Weber
Traffic Separation Studies$850,000David PriceTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Wattstopper: Digital Lighting Management (DLM) Technology$845,000Kay HaganInterior & Environment
Simulation Lab Training$800,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
Atmospheric Treatment of Fossil Fuel Gas Effluents$800,000Brad MillerEnergy & Water
21st Century Health Care Education and Training$800,000Brad MillerLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina Rural Center Homegrown Jobs Center$750,000G.K. Butterfield
Homegrown Jobs$750,000Bob EtheridgeFinancial Services
NC Museum of Natural Sciences - science exhibits and educational outreach$750,000Bob EtheridgeLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina Rural Center Homegrown Jobs Center (Statewide)$750,000Kay Hagan
North Carolina Mobile Outreach Springboard Program$750,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina Rural Center Homegrown Jobs Center$750,000Larry KissellFinancial Services
Homegrown Jobs Center$750,000Mike McIntyreFinancial Services
Homegrown Jobs Center$750,000Brad MillerFinancial Services
Enhancing Quality Utilization by Integrating Primary Care (Wake Health Services Electronic Medical Records)$750,000Brad MillerLabor/HHS/Education
Raleigh Police Department Technology Project$750,000Brad MillerCommerce, Justice & Science
Homegrown Jobs Center$750,000Heath Shuler
Bed-As-Hub/Smart Rooms$678,000Brad MillerLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Communications Enhancement Project$600,000Larry KissellCommerce, Justice & Science
Sweet Potato Research$600,000Mike McIntyreAgriculture
Wood Utilization Research$600,000Brad MillerAgriculture
Construction of the Neuse River Greenway Trail - Wake County, NC$600,000Brad MillerTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Troop G 800MHz Communications Console$600,000Heath Shuler
Crop Pathogens, NC$500,000G.K. Butterfield
NC Sheriffs Training and Technical Assistance$500,000G.K. Butterfield
Crop Pathogen Protection$500,000Bob EtheridgeAgriculture
The Forest Biotechnology and Genetics Center$500,000Bob EtheridgeAgriculture
Swine and Other Animal Waste Center$500,000Bob EtheridgeAgriculture
Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center$500,000Kay HaganAgriculture
Crop Pathogens and Protection Program$500,000Kay HaganAgriculture
Center For Forensic Sciences$500,000Kay HaganCommerce, Justice & Science
Sheriff Training and Technical Assistance$500,000Kay HaganCommerce, Justice & Science
National Textile Center Research$500,000Larry KissellCommerce, Justice & Science
North Carolina Sheriffs Training and Technical Assistance$500,000Larry KissellCommerce, Justice & Science
Swine and Other Animal Waste Management, NC$500,000Brad MillerAgriculture
Butner Public Safety Federal Cost Share$500,000Brad MillerCommerce, Justice & Science
NC Sheriff's Training and Technical Assistance$500,000Brad MillerCommerce, Justice & Science
Center of Forensic Sciences$500,000Brad MillerCommerce, Justice & Science
National Textile Center Research$500,000Brad MillerCommerce, Justice & Science
Green Square Project - NC Museum of Natural Sciences$500,000Brad MillerTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Crop Pathogen Research$500,000David PriceAgriculture
Forest Biotechnology Research$500,000David PriceAgriculture
Swine and Animal Waste Management Research$500,000David PriceAgriculture
Technical Assistance to Livestock & Poultry Farmers$500,000David PriceAgriculture
SouthEast Climate Consortium$500,000David PriceAgriculture
National Textile Center Research at North Carolina State University$500,000David PriceCommerce, Justice & Science
WakeMed Children's Hospital Project$500,000David PriceLabor/HHS/Education
Greening Our Community With Jobs and Housing$500,000David PriceTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
North Carolina Sheriffs Training and Technical Assistance$500,000Craig Weber
National Textile Center Research$500,000Craig Weber
Aquaculture (NC)$400,000Richard BurrAgriculture
Crop Pathogens (NC)$400,000Richard BurrAgriculture
Aquaculture, NC$400,000G.K. Butterfield
Green Economic Transformation (GET) Initiative$400,000G.K. Butterfield
Aquaculture Research$400,000Bob EtheridgeAgriculture
USDA-ARS Regional Small Grains Molecular Genotyping Labs$400,000Bob EtheridgeAgriculture
Aquaculture$400,000Kay HaganAgriculture
Forest Biotechnology$400,000Kay HaganAgriculture
Green Economic Transformation Initiative$400,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Biotechnology, NC (Forest Biotechnology and Genetics)$400,000Brad MillerAgriculture
Climate Forecasting (Southeast Climate Consortium)$400,000Brad MillerAgriculture
Crop Pathogens and Protection$400,000Brad MillerAgriculture
Aquaculture Research$400,000David PriceAgriculture
Regional Grains Genotyping Lab$400,000David PriceAgriculture
Community College Residency Program$394,688David PriceLabor/HHS/Education
Power Redundancy and Enhanced Security$377,597Kay HaganHomeland Security
Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center$350,000G.K. Butterfield
NC Multi-Hazard Threat Database$334,440Richard BurrAgriculture
NC Multi-Hazard Threat Database$334,440Kay HaganAgriculture
Multi Hazard- Database of North Carolina$334,440Larry KissellAgriculture
The Database of North Carolina\'s Agriculture Industry for Rapid Response (Multi-Hazard Threat Database)$334,000Brad MillerAgriculture
Multihazard Threat Database$333,440David PriceAgriculture
Partnering for Excellence in the Natural Sciences (PENS)$305,000Bob EtheridgeLabor/HHS/Education
Biotechnology (NC)$300,000Richard BurrAgriculture
NC Agriculture Threat Reduction Grant$300,000Bob EtheridgeAgriculture
Beaver Management Assistance Program$300,000Kay HaganAgriculture
Southeast Climate Consortium$300,000Kay HaganAgriculture
Establish Teen CERTs in High Schools Through Local HOSA Chapters$300,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina Agriculture Threat Reduction Grant$300,000Mike McIntyreAgriculture
North Carolina Beaver Management Assistance Program$300,000Mike McIntyreAgriculture
Beaver Management Assistance Program$300,000David PriceAgriculture
Supporting Education for Returning Veterans through Engagement (Operation SERVE)$266,500Brad MillerLabor/HHS/Education
Wood Utilization, AK, ID, ME, MI, MN, MS, NC, OR, TN, WV$250,000G.K. Butterfield
City of Raleigh Law Enforcement Technology$250,000David PriceCommerce, Justice & Science
North Carolina State University Forensics Science Initiative$250,000David PriceCommerce, Justice & Science
North Carolina Spatial Intelligence and Risk Evaluation Network$250,000David PriceCommerce, Justice & Science
Homegrown Jobs Project$250,000David PriceFinancial Services
Blue Ridge Alternative Fuels Training Program$197,500Heath Shuler
Food and Agriculture Infrastructure Protection State Coordinator$140,182Kay HaganHomeland Security