Earmarks Requested for Winston-salem in Fiscal Year 2011

44 earmarks were requested on behalf of Winston-salem
worth an average of $1,699,638 each, for a total of $74,784,080.

Note: this list contains duplicates when multiple legislators request similar earmarks.

Earmark ↓ Amount Legislator Type
Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University$5,000,000Kay HaganDefense
Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University$5,000,000Craig Weber
Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma$4,300,000Kay HaganHomeland Security
Establishing Protocols and a Telemedicine Library for Military Treatment of Pediatric Trauma$4,300,000Kay HaganDefense
Bioterrorism Operations Policy for Public Emergency Response$4,000,000Kay HaganDefense
Center for Injury Biomechanics$4,000,000Kay HaganDefense
Center for Injury Biomechanics-Traumatic Brain Injury Prediction, Mitigation and Diagnosis$4,000,000Craig Weber
Center for Nano-materials in Bio-sensing and Therapeutics$3,000,000Kay HaganDefense
Smith Reynolds Airport Taxiway Extension$3,000,000Craig Weber
Center for Nanomaterials in Biosensing and Therapeutics (NanoBiT)$3,000,000Craig Weber
Training Healers Remotely In Virtual Environments (THRIVE)$2,990,000Craig Weber
Piedmont Triad Research Park Transportation Improvements$2,000,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Brookstown Redevelopment Project$2,000,000Richard BurrTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Joint Firearms Training Facility$2,000,000Kay HaganCommerce, Justice & Science
Brookstown Redevelopment Project$2,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Brookstown Redevelopment Project-City of Winston-Salem, NC and Forsyth County, NC$2,000,000Craig Weber
Piedmont Triad Research Park Transportation Improvements, Winston-Salem, NC$2,000,000Craig Weber
Airport Business Park (Winston-Salem, NC)$1,500,000Kay Hagan
Airport Business Park$1,500,000Craig Weber
Ant-Based Cyber Defense$1,080,000Larry KissellDefense
Ant-Based Cyber Defense$1,080,000Craig Weber
Bath Branch Restoration$1,000,000Richard BurrEnergy & Water
Geographic Information System$1,000,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Bath Branch Restoration, Winston-Salem, North Carolina$1,000,000Craig Weber
Geographic Information System$1,000,000Craig Weber
Transforming O'Kelly Library into a Teaching/Research Center$1,000,000Craig Weber
RFID Technology Improvements$900,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
Radio Frequency Identification Technology Improvements$900,000Craig Weber
Eastside Enterprise Center Project (EEC)$846,700Kay Hagan
Eastside Enterprise Center Project (EEC)$846,700Craig Weber
Center for Design Innovation$810,200Kay Hagan
Gang Youth Prevention and Intervention Strategy Initiative$675,000Kay HaganCommerce, Justice & Science
Gang and Delinquency Prevention Initiative$675,000Craig Weber
Downtown Health Plaza Clinic Expansion$600,000Craig Weber
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program$500,000Kay Hagan
Biomedical and Translational Research Center$500,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
Building Initiative - Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work, Roger L. Stevens Center HVAC Renovation Project$500,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Roger L. Stevens Center HVAC Renovation Project$500,000Craig Weber
Film Scoring Renovation$350,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
Film Scoring Stage Renovation$350,000Craig Weber
Pediatric Mobile Intensive Care Unit, Brenner Children's Hospital$300,000Kay HaganLabor/HHS/Education
Growing Bigger and Better Initiative$300,000Kay HaganTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Growing Bigger and Better Initiative$300,000Craig Weber
The Center for the Arts in Downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina$180,480Craig Weber