Earmarks Requested by Walter Jones in Fiscal Year 2011

Representative from District 3
Elected in 2008 with 65.9% of the vote
Walter Jones - 201,686
Craig Weber - 104,364

Walter Jones requested 77 earmarks worth an average of $2,022,375 each,
for a total of $155,722,886.

Earmark Amount ↑ City Receiving Type
Textile Research at [TC] ²$1,000,000Cary, NC
Carolina College Advising Corps$518,532Chapel Hill, NC
Program in Racial Disparities and Cardiovascular Disease$1,100,000Chapel Hill, NC
Green Plus: Fostering Job Creation and Sustainability in Low Wealth Communities$650,000Chapel Hill, NC
Regional STEM Pathways Consortium$266,049Charlotte, NC
Health Sciences Advanced Technology Lab$790,295Charlotte, NC
Carolina‟s Energy Training Center$800,000Charlotte, NC
Statesville Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Project: Landfill Remediation and Conversion$800,000Charlotte, NC
Gang of One & Police Activities League - Youth Initiative$1,048,000Charlotte, NC
Monitoring, Tracking, and Prosecuting Priority Offenders$1,500,000Charlotte, NC
Briar Creek Relief Sewer Project (Phase 3)$4,000,000Charlotte, NC
Emergency Communications Co-Location$5,000,000Charlotte, NC
Charlotte CATS Blue Line Extension-Northeast Corridor Project$40,000,000Charlotte, NC
Passport Initiative$275,000Charlotte, NC
Beatties Ford Road Corridor Revitalization Project$300,000Charlotte, NC
Consolidated Data Sharing Portal$866,000Charlotte, NC
Grants to Replace Aging Diesel Engines Plus (GRADE+)$940,000Charlotte, NC
Area Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Development Disability Services Awareness Campaign$465,000Charlotte, NC
Energy Efficiency Enhancements$1,000,000Charlotte, NC
Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades$2,500,000Charlotte, NC
Compost Central Expansion$1,500,000Charlotte, NC
Advanced Detection of Hazardous Material (ADHM)$6,000,000Charlotte, NC
Regional Radio Upgrade$1,000,000Concord, NC
Concord, Kannapolis and Albemarle Major Transmission Waterline$1,000,000Concord, NC
Concord Traffic Management Center$1,000,000Concord, NC
Concord Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement$2,925,000Concord, NC
Hazard Mitigation Water Delivery Plan$250,000Concord, NC
Davidson Green Business Incubator Initiative$371,700Davidson, NC
Downtown Greenway, Greensboro, North Carolina$1,000,000Greensboro, NC
Center for Women's Leadership$750,000Greensboro, NC
The Comprehensive Wellness Center$500,000Greensboro, NC
Center for Women's Entrepreneurship$1,000,000Greensboro, NC
Nettie Coad Apartments$300,000Greensboro, NC
Gateway Workforce Development Project$230,000Greensboro, NC
High Performance Computing in Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences Benefitting the War Fighters and the Public$2,200,000Greensboro, NC
An Innovative STEM Professional Development Model for 7th Through 9th Grade Math Teachers$800,000Greensboro, NC
Increasing the Output of Qualified Nurses-A Critical Need Area$530,000Greensboro, NC
Innovative Nanoengineered Materials for Soldier Protective Clothing and Shelters$1,600,000Greensboro, NC
Pre-Medical Undergraduate Preparation Program at North Carolina A &T State University$1,000,000Greensboro, NC
Vigilant Integrated Sensing Systems Center (VISenSC)$1,200,000Greensboro, NC
Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship Business Incubator Renovation, Expansion and Programs$500,000Greensboro, NC
Health and Human Services Interpreter Certification Project$390,190Greensboro, NC
Mentoring Teen Parents: Reducing Risk for Violence and Anti-Social Behavior$279,940Greensboro, NC
Washington Drive Streetscape$2,000,000High Point, NC
Job Training and Placement for Services Offenders and Ex-Offenders$455,000High Point, NC
The Human Nutrition Research Center for Individualized Nutrition$10,000,000Kannapolis, NC
Davidson County Community College Library Improvements$300,000Lexington, NC
Mallard Creek Road in Mecklenburg County, NC$2,000,000Raleigh, NC
I-85 in Davidson and Rowan Counties$2,000,000Raleigh, NC
Sealed Corridor Short Throat Crossing Improvements, NC$1,000,000Raleigh, NC
US 52 widening, in Forsyth County, NC$2,000,000Raleigh, NC
North Carolina Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy$1,000,000Raleigh, NC
Replace Squadron Operations Facility$8,500,000Raleigh, NC
ARNG Soldier/Family Support: NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Raleigh, NC
North Carolina Sheriffs Training and Technical Assistance$500,000Raleigh, NC
National Textile Center Research$500,000Raleigh, NC
Learning Total Health (LTH) Program$1,800,000Salisbury, NC
Growing Bigger and Better Initiative$300,000Winston-Salem, NC
Airport Business Park$1,500,000Winston-Salem, NC
Brookstown Redevelopment Project-City of Winston-Salem, NC and Forsyth County, NC$2,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
Bath Branch Restoration, Winston-Salem, North Carolina$1,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
Radio Frequency Identification Technology Improvements$900,000Winston-Salem, NC
Geographic Information System$1,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
Gang and Delinquency Prevention Initiative$675,000Winston-Salem, NC
Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University$5,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
Smith Reynolds Airport Taxiway Extension$3,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
The Center for the Arts in Downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina$180,480Winston-Salem, NC
Film Scoring Stage Renovation$350,000Winston-Salem, NC
Roger L. Stevens Center HVAC Renovation Project$500,000Winston-Salem, NC
Center for Nanomaterials in Biosensing and Therapeutics (NanoBiT)$3,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
Downtown Health Plaza Clinic Expansion$600,000Winston-Salem, NC
Center for Injury Biomechanics-Traumatic Brain Injury Prediction, Mitigation and Diagnosis$4,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
Piedmont Triad Research Park Transportation Improvements, Winston-Salem, NC$2,000,000Winston-Salem, NC
Ant-Based Cyber Defense$1,080,000Winston-Salem, NC
Training Healers Remotely In Virtual Environments (THRIVE)$2,990,000Winston-Salem, NC
Eastside Enterprise Center Project (EEC)$846,700Winston-Salem, NC
Transforming O'Kelly Library into a Teaching/Research Center$1,000,000Winston-Salem, NC