Earmarks Requested by Richard Burr in Fiscal Year 2011

North Carolina Senator
Elected in 2004 with 51.6% of the vote
Richard Burr - 1,791,450
Erskine Bowles - 1,632,527

Richard Burr requested 82 earmarks worth an average of $3,502,371 each,
for a total of $287,194,440.

Earmark Amount ↑ City Receiving Type
Martin County Microfiber Fuel Cell Technology Development$1,000,000Energy & Water
Gastonia Technology Park$1,000,000Transportation, Housing & Urban Development
Manteo (Shallowbag) Bay$16,000,000Energy & Water
Wilmington Harbor$50,300,000Energy & Water
NCIT Reconnaissance Study$404,000Energy & Water
Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway$6,500,000Energy & Water
Carolina Beach Storm Protection$100,000Energy & Water
Cape Fear River above Wilmington$8,263,000Energy & Water
Surf City and North Topsail Beach Shoreline Protection$600,000Energy & Water
W. Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir$10,451,000Energy & Water
Wrightsville Beach GRR$300,000Energy & Water
Bogue Banks$250,000Energy & Water
Wilmington Harbor Dredging$12,247,000Energy & Water
Regional Sediment Management Demonstration$600,000Energy & Water
West Onslow and New River Inlet$722,000Energy & Water
Carolina Beach Inlet$750,000Energy & Water
Brunswick County Beaches GRR$350,000Energy & Water
Bald Head Island Reconnaissance Study$100,000Energy & Water
Wesser Bald, Appalachian National Scenic Trail$180,000Interior & Environment
North Carolina National Forests Threatened Treasures$4,435,000Interior & Environment
Rocky Fork Cherokee National Forest Land Acquisition$11,000,000Interior & Environment
Ahoskie Wastewater Reuse Transmission Lines$700,000Ahoskie, NCInterior & Environment
Western NC Network for Access and Success$220,000Boone, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Textile Clothing Technology Corporation$1,000,000Cary, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Watershed Protection$300,000Cary, NCAgriculture
Regional Climate Centers$6,000,000Chapel Hill, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Gang of One and Police Activities League Youth Initiative$1,048,000Charlotte, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Briar Creek Relief Sewer Project (Phase 3)$4,000,000Charlotte, NCInterior & Environment
Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades$1,000,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
CATS Blue Line Extension$30,000,000Charlotte, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Concord Stream Restoration$100,000Concord, NCEnergy & Water
Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement$2,925,000Concord, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Cyber Security Education and Training Program$750,000Fayetteville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Regional Public Safety Communications$2,000,000Fayetteville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Sanitary Sewer System$2,000,000Fayetteville, NCEnergy & Water
Vulnerability Assessment and Incident Response Training$500,000Fayetteville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Military Business Park$1,000,000Fayetteville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
SOF Medical Clinic Addition$3,800,000Fort Bragg, NC
Murchison Road Right of Way Acquistion$17,600,000Fort Bragg, NC
SOF Squadron HQs Addition$8,100,000Fort Bragg, NC
SOF Baffle Containment for Range 19C$7,200,000Fort Bragg, NC
Union Station Bus Facilities$1,145,000Goldsboro, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Telerehabilitation Program for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury$350,000Greensboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
PTI Airport NAVAID Implementation$13,400,000Greensboro, NC
Greenville Emergency Operations Center$1,200,000Greenville, NCHomeland Security
Coastal Hazards in the Carolinas Program$1,000,000Greenville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Coastal Hazards in the Carolinas: Economic Implications of Climate Change, Sea-Level Rise, and Storms$1,000,000Greenville, NCInterior & Environment
LandsEast Industrial Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements$720,000Greenville, NCInterior & Environment
Tar River Drought Mitigation$1,000,000Greenville, NCEnergy & Water
Reducing Health Disparities by Building FQHC Capacity for Behavioral Chronic Disease Management$300,000Greenville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
East Carolina Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Research Center$1,000,000Greenville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Tenth Street Connector$1,000,000Greenville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Environmental Education Center$700,000High Point, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Vehicle Dynamics Area Construction$2,500,000Jackson, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
8th Street Culvert Replacement$1,200,000Kannapolis, NCHomeland Security
Regional Radio Upgrade$1,000,000Kannapolis, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
ARS Human Nutrition Research$2,000,000Kannapolis, NCAgriculture
Concord, Kannapolis, and Albemarle Major Transmission Waterline$1,000,000Kannapolis, NCInterior & Environment
High Speed Optical Networking at NC Research Center$500,000Kannapolis, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Emergency Operations Center$350,000Laurinburg, NCHomeland Security
Airport Infrastructure Improvements$5,100,000Monroe, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion$1,000,000Mooresville, NCInterior & Environment
Rural Healthcare Complex$500,000Plymouth, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Biotechnology (NC)$300,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Aquaculture (NC)$400,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
NC Multi-Hazard Threat Database$334,440Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Crop Pathogens (NC)$400,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Wood Utilization Research$1,000,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
I-85 Widening in Davidson and Rowan Counties (Yadkin River Bridge)$10,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Bonner Bridge (US-12)$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Pembroke Northern Bypass Rail Connector Track$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
CATS Operations and Maintenance Facility$4,600,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-40/I-77 Improvements in Iredell County$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
US-52 in Davidson and Forsyth Counties$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Rural Center Water and Wastewater System Efficiency System$1,000,000Raleigh, NCEnergy & Water
Ft. Bragg Region STEM Enhanced Technology Classrooms$500,000Research Triangle Park, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program Bridge Funding$700,000Wilmington, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
NC Mariculture$500,000Wilmington, NCAgriculture
Downtown Redevelopment$700,000Wilson, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Bath Branch Restoration$1,000,000Winston-Salem, NCEnergy & Water
Piedmont Triad Research Park Transportation Improvements$2,000,000Winston-Salem, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Brookstown Redevelopment Project$2,000,000Winston-Salem, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development