Earmarks Requested by Kay Hagan in Fiscal Year 2011

North Carolina Senator
Elected in 2008 with 52.67% of the vote
Elizabeth Dole - 1,887,510
Kay Hagan - 2,249,311

Kay Hagan requested 338 earmarks worth an average of $2,142,832 each,
for a total of $724,277,278.

Earmark Amount ↑ City Receiving Type
Lake Gaston Weed Control$1,729,000Agriculture
Caldwell, Clay & Randolph Counties, North Carolina National Forests (NC's Threatened Treasures Project)$4,435,000Interior & Environment
Wastewater Treatment Plant Relocation$4,345,000Interior & Environment
Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge - Lankford Tract$1,000,000Interior & Environment
Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) Water Quality Research$7,000,000Interior & Environment
Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research at NCSU$8,000,000Energy & Water
Regional Sediment Management$600,000Energy & Water
Water and Wastewater System Efficiency Program$2,000,000Energy & Water
A Child Is Missing in North Carolina$180,000Commerce, Justice & Science
Soccer for Success Youth Soccer Gang Prevention Initiative$1,000,000Commerce, Justice & Science
Grants to Replace Aging Diesel Engines Plus (GRADE)$940,000Transportation, Housing & Urban Development
Washington County Airport Security Project$175,000Transportation, Housing & Urban Development
Intelligent Hearing Protection Communication System$5,000,000Aberdeen, NCDefense
Wastewater Reuse Transmission Lines$700,000Ahoskie, NCInterior & Environment
Ahoskie, NC Creek Recreational Complex$1,100,000Ahoskie, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Historic Sunset Theatre$342,000Asheboro, NCInterior & Environment
Ultra Large Product Testing (ULPT)$2,000,000Asheboro, NCEnergy & Water
Asheboro, NC Historic Sunset Theatre$342,000Asheboro, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
WNC Regional Livestock Center$1,200,000Asheville, NCAgriculture
Heffner Gap Overlook/The Orchard at Altapass Lankford Tract$1,952,000Asheville, NCInterior & Environment
Expand Regional Simulation Laboratory for Training Health Professionals in Western North Carolina$1,000,000Asheville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Childhood Obesity Prevention - GIFT Park in Western North Carolina$500,000Asheville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Revitalizing the Craft Industry in WNC$500,000Asheville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Town of Ayden Energy Efficiency Housing Program$800,000Ayden, NCEnergy & Water
Town of Ayden District Park$550,000Ayden, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Town of Ayden Streetscape/Utility Protection$950,000Ayden, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Hybrid Solar Assisted Direct Energy Conversion Absorption Chiller$3,500,000Bessemer City, NCDefense
The Blue Ridge Parkway Corps$2,007,184Boone, NCInterior & Environment
Advanced Biofuels Research$765,000Boone, NCEnergy & Water
Appalachian Atmospheric Interdisciplinary Research Program (AppalAIR)$946,000Boone, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
The Western NC Network for Access and Success$220,000Boone, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Horn in the West$400,000Boone, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Gateway EcoBusiness Complex$2,287,413Camden, NCInterior & Environment
Champion Drive Sewer Improvements$1,200,000Canton, NCInterior & Environment
Water Storage Facility and Three Wells$1,000,000Carolina Beach, NCInterior & Environment
Police Department Law Enforcement Technology$133,800Carolina Beach, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
North Carolina Aquarium Pier parking at Carolina Beach, NC$1,000,000Carolina Beach, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Teen Challenge Prevention Outreach Project$70,000Carthage, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Teen Challenge Employment and Education Capacity Expansion$60,000Carthage, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Watershed Protection$300,000Cary, NCAgriculture
Western Wake Regional Water Reclamation Facility$2,000,000Cary, NCInterior & Environment
Biosolids Dryer and Energy Recovery System$500,000Cary, NCEnergy & Water
Flood Damage Prevention$750,000Cary, NCHomeland Security
Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation$3,500,000Cary, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Light Weight Water Resistant Body Armor for Special Operations$1,500,000Cary, NCDefense
Robotic Gator (R-Gator) Multipurpose Utility Vehicle$9,500,000Cary, NCDefense
Dual Frequency Hub Mounted Vibration Suppressor$5,000,000Cary, NCDefense
ARS Human Nutrition Research in Kannapolis, NC$2,000,000Chapel Hill, NCAgriculture
Green Plus: Fostering Job Creation and Sustainability in Low Wealth Communities (Chapel Hill, NC)$650,000Chapel Hill, NC
High Performance Computing Infrastructure for Modeling Solar Energy Devices$990,000Chapel Hill, NCEnergy & Water
Regional Climate Center$6,000,000Chapel Hill, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Long-lasting Power Devices for Autonomous Sensors$3,000,000Chapel Hill, NCDefense
Malaria Drug Resistance Prophylaxis Clinical Studies for a Malaria Prophylaxis and Cure$2,080,487Chapel Hill, NCDefense
High Performance Wheeled Vehicle Project$1,000,000Chapel Hill, NCDefense
Partnership for National Security$3,500,000Chapel Hill, NCDefense
UNC-Chapel Hill Preclinical & Translational Research Center (PATRC)$2,900,000Chapel Hill, NCDefense
Initiative in Biomedical Microtechnologies for Combatant Security$2,400,000Chapel Hill, NCDefense
Carolina College Advising Corps$520,000Chapel Hill, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Institute for Drug Safety Science$1,000,000Chapel Hill, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Briar Creek Relief Sewer Project (Phase 3)$4,000,000Charlotte, NCInterior & Environment
Carolina's Energy Training Center$800,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Pamlico Sound Wind Demonstration Project$18,400,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Affordable, Sustainable Buildings$750,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Compost Central Expansion; Mecklenburg County$150,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Energy Efficiency Enhancements$1,000,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
ReVenture Park Torrefaction Unit$5,500,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Emergency Communications Co-location$1,000,000Charlotte, NCHomeland Security
Consolidated Data Sharing Portal$866,000Charlotte, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Gang of One and Police Activities League$1,048,000Charlotte, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Monitoring, Tracking, and Prosecuting Priority Offenders$1,500,000Charlotte, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
145th Air Wing C-130 Squadron Operations Facility Replacement$8,500,000Charlotte, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Navy AIT Logistics Modernization Initiative$5,000,000Charlotte, NCDefense
Improved Productivity for the DoD Supplier Base using Self-Aware Manufacturing Technology$3,100,000Charlotte, NCDefense
Advanced Detection of Hazardous Material$5,000,000Charlotte, NCDefense
Health Sciences Simulation Lab$1,000,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Passport Initiative$275,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Area Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Disability Services Awareness Campaign$465,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Presbyterian Hospital Community Care Cruiser$500,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Charlotte Area Transit System's (CATS) Blue Line Extension – Northeast Corridor Project$40,000,000Charlotte, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Foreclosure Prevention Initiative$300,000Charlotte, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Beatties Ford Road Corridor Revitalization Project$300,000Charlotte, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Therapeutic Foster Care Program$425,000Charlotte/Mecklenburg, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Zero to Three Cherokee Court Team for Maltreated Infants and Toddlers$300,000Cherokee, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Research Activities for Process Implementation and Development (RAPID)$2,000,000Cherry Point, NCDefense
Air-speed - Fleet Readiness Center (Cherry Point)$2,000,000Cherry Point, NCDefense
Piedmont Triad Regional Trails$1,600,000Clemmons, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Haywood Regional Medical Center Solar Roof Demonstration$800,000Clyde, NCEnergy & Water
Streetscape Completion$350,000Columbia, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Novel Compression Dressings for the Treatment of Complex Wounds and Limb Salvage$1,900,000Columbus, NCDefense
Hazard Mitigation Water Delivery Plan$187,500Concord, NCHomeland Security
Regional Radio Upgrade$1,000,000Concord, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Traffic Management Center$1,000,000Concord, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Police Department Communications Equipment Upgrades$498,000Cornelius, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Pedestrian Improvements Project$595,000Cornelius, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Stormwater Management & Implementation Plan$100,000Creedmoor, NCHomeland Security
Creedmoor, NC Community Center$990,000Creedmoor, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Preservation and Restoration of Eastern Hemlock$432,495Cullowhee, NCInterior & Environment
Laser Sinterstation for Rapid Engineering, Development and Production of Aerospace components$1,148,090Cullowhee, NCDefense
Gas-to-Energy Landfill Project$1,500,000Dallas, NCEnergy & Water
Davidson Green Business Incubator Initiative$371,000Davidson, NC
Police Department Safety Through Technology Project$303,850Davidson, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Truck Mounted Aircraft Deicers$3,700,000Denver, NCDefense
Army Research Office: Research Triangle Park$12,000,000Durham, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
EQ-36 Counter Fire Target Radar Enhancement$3,400,000Durham, NCDefense
Limb Loss Pain Relief for Soldiers$2,000,000Durham, NCDefense
TBI Oxycyte Therapy$3,500,000Durham, NCDefense
Airborne Radiation/Bioterrorism Countermeasure Project$1,900,000Durham, NCDefense
Airborne Radiation/ Bioterrorism Countermeasure Project$1,900,000Durham, NCDefense
Academic Enrichment for Low Performing/At Risk Students Saturday Academy$162,000Durham, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Mod X mobile countermeasure for torpedo defense$1,300,000Durham, NCDefense
Eden/Danville-Pittsylvania County Industrial Park$2,000,000Eden, NCEnergy & Water
Patient Safety Enhancement through Information Technology Initiative$1,000,000Eden, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Mentorship and Education: Rebuilding Communities Initiative$5,000,000Elizabeth City, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Technology for All - A One-to-One Laptop Program$1,000,000Elizabeth City, NCLabor/HHS/Education
The Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Website Expansion Initiative$789,450Elizabeth City, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation (TODASTW)$650,000Elizabeth City, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Jumpstart of Counseling and Prenatal Services for At-Risk & Pregnant Teens$600,000Elkin, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Construction of emergency c-section operating room$900,000Elkin, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Small Farm Entrepreneurship Program$685,500Fayetteville, NCAgriculture
Emergency Operations Center in Cumberland County$1,000,000Fayetteville, NCHomeland Security
Methodist University Cyber Security Education and Training Program$750,000Fayetteville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Regional Public Safety Communications$1,500,000Fayetteville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Science Education at the Fayetteville State University Planetarium$600,000Fayetteville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
All Platform Evacuation Litter (APE)$3,100,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)$2,200,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
FSU Center for Critical Language and Culture$2,000,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Wounded Warrior Careers Demonstration$355,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Wi-Fi Laboratory Testing and Assessment Center$4,600,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Ft. Bragg Region STEM Enhanced Technology Classrooms$500,000Fayetteville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Nursing program simulation lab equipment$750,000Fayetteville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Military Business Park$1,000,000Fayetteville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Four Seasons (non profit hospice) Electronic Medical Records$308,500Flat Rock, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Next-Generation Military Tents$3,000,000Fletcher, NCDefense
Murchison Road Right of Way Acquisition$17,000,000Fort Bragg, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
SOF Parachute Rigging and MAROPS Expansion$6,000,000Fort Bragg, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
SOF Baffle Containment for Range 19C$7,200,000Fort Bragg, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
SOF Medical Support Addition$3,889,000Fort Bragg, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Garden Parkway$5,000,000Gastonia, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Center Street Streetscape Improvement Project$3,000,000Goldsboro, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Union Station$1,145,000Goldsboro, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Food Safety and Agro-Security of Retail and Online Food Products$1,500,000Greensboro, NCAgriculture
Center for Women's Entrepreneurship (Greensboro, NC)$1,000,000Greensboro, NC
Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship Business Incubator Renovation, Expansion and Programs$500,000Greensboro, NC
Advanced Nanoengineered Hybrid Composite Material Systems for Wind Mill Blades$1,600,000Greensboro, NCEnergy & Water
Development of Transportation Fuels and Biobased Products from Agricultural Wastes$1,500,000Greensboro, NCEnergy & Water
Project PREVENT: Preventing Violence Against Women and Children by Engaging Information Technology$300,000Greensboro, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Project to Develop Low-Power Microelectronics for Harsh Environments Encountered in NASA Missions$900,000Greensboro, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Innovative Nanoengineered Materials for Soldier Protective Clothing and Shelters$1,600,000Greensboro, NCDefense
Center for Women's Leadership$750,000Greensboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Nursing Clinical Education Center$600,000Greensboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Innovative STEM Professional Development Model for 7th-9th Grade Math Teachers$800,000Greensboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Increasing Output of Qualified Nurses - A Critical Need Area$530,000Greensboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
On Track Three: Learn Mathematics$189,938Greensboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Telerehabilitation Therapy Program for Traumatic Brain Injury Individuals$423,576Greensboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Greensboro Downtown Greenway$1,000,000Greensboro, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Gateway Workforce Development Project$230,000Greensboro, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Coastal Hazards in the Carolinas: Economic Implications of Climate Change, Sea-Level Rise, and Storms$4,000,000Greenville, NCInterior & Environment
LandsEast Industrial Park$720,000Greenville, NCInterior & Environment
Small Business Incubator$750,000Greenville, NC
Advanced Materials & Manufacturing for Tomorrow's Wind Blades$2,000,000Greenville, NCEnergy & Water
Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Water Treatment Plant$750,000Greenville, NCEnergy & Water
Greenville Utilities Commission/Neuse Regional Water And Sewer Authority Interconnection Study$500,000Greenville, NCEnergy & Water
Emergency Operations Center$1,000,000Greenville, NCHomeland Security
Determining Coastal Hazards in the Carolinas: Economic Implications of Climate Change, Sea-Level Rise, and Storms$1,000,000Greenville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Regional Family Justice Center$250,000Greenville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Operation Re-Entry NC$3,400,000Greenville, NCDefense
West Greenville Inter-Generational Center$250,000Greenville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
East Carolina Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Research Center$1,000,000Greenville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Fifth Street Pedestrian Bridge$340,000Greenville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Wastewater Plant Improvements$1,000,000Havelock, NCInterior & Environment
Slocum Road/Highway 70 Traffic Improvements$350,000Havelock, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
French Broad River Emergency Raw Water Intake Project$2,400,000Hendersonville, NCInterior & Environment
City of Hendersonville Energy Efficiency Projects$1,990,000Hendersonville, NCEnergy & Water
Communication, Information Technology and Interoperability Upgrades Project$925,000Hendersonville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Blue Ridge Community Health Services, Inc--New Medical Building$407,000Hendersonville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Comprehensive Cancer Center - Radiation oncology improvements$700,000Hendersonville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Wellness on Wheels Mobile Medical Office$200,000Hendersonville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Hendersonville Area Infrastructure Improvements$660,000Hendersonville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
City of Hendersonville Job Retention and Creation Project$1,435,000Hendersonville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Domestic Violence Initiative$200,000High Point, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Washington Drive Streetscape$2,000,000High Point, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Police Technology Project in Huntersville$1,500,000Huntersville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Verhoeff Drive Extension/North Mecklenburg Industrial Park Project$4,800,000Huntersville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Huntersville I-77 Exit 25 Improvement Project$500,000Huntersville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Huntersville US 21/Gilead Road Intersection Improvements Project$3,200,000Huntersville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Major Transmission Waterline$1,000,000Kannapolis, NCInterior & Environment
8th Street Culvert Replacement$1,200,000Kannapolis, NCHomeland Security
US 29/Dale Earnhardt Blvd Intersection Improvement$3,450,000Kannapolis, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
North Carolina Composites Aerospace Entrepreneurship Training Initiative (Eastern North Carolina)$750,000Kinston, NC
Institute for Advanced Composites Inspection and Testing$5,000,000Kinston, NCDefense
Lenoir County STEM HUB Education Implementation$500,000Kinston, NCLabor/HHS/Education
At Risk Youth Vocational Jobs and Career Development Initiative$250,000Lake Waccamaw, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Affordable Housing Acquisition and Jobs Development for North Carolina High Risk Foster Care Youth Initiative$400,000Lake Waccamaw, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Scotland County Emergency Operations Center$350,000Laurinburg, NCHomeland Security
Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Intermodal Industrial Complex Study$600,000Laurinburg, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Bladen Bluffs Regional Surface Water System$1,000,000Leland, NCInterior & Environment
DCCC Library Renovation and Expansion$300,000Lexington, NCLabor/HHS/Education
UH-60 Transmission/Gearbox Galvanic Corrosion Reduction$2,300,000Locust, NCDefense
Hostile Fire Threat Detection System (HFDS) Performance Enhancement/Durability Improvement$1,700,000Locust, NCDefense
Southeastern Area Transit System (SEATS)$800,000Lumberton, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
McDowell Hospital Health Improvement Initiative--expansion of operating room$575,000Marion, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Presbyterian Hospital Matthews Energy Smart Pilot Program$2,000,000Matthews, NCEnergy & Water
Police Department Law Enforcement Technology$482,400Matthews, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
McKee Road Extension$4,500,000Matthews, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Runway Improvements$1,030,000Maxton, NCDefense
Canned Lube Pumps (CLP) for LHD-1 Class Amphibious Assault Ships$4,000,000Monroe, NCDefense
Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion$4,000,000Mooresville, NCInterior & Environment
Public Park Safety Initiative$100,000Mooresville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Consortium for Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing (CAAM)$4,000,000Morganton, NCDefense
Army Aviation Support Facility$6,787,000Morrisville, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Soldier Portable PowerCharge300$3,200,000Morrisville, NCDefense
Collaboration Gateway$2,000,000Morrisville, NCDefense
Radio System Replacement Project$1,500,000New Bern, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Henderson Park Improvements$283,973New Bern, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Catawba County EcoComplex Wastewater Treatment Biosolids Drying and Green Energy Facility$2,000,000Newton, NCEnergy & Water
Catawba County EcoComplex Wood Waste and Biosolids Gasification & Green Energy Facility$1,500,000Newton, NCEnergy & Water
Vehicle Combat Identification (VCID) Target System$2,000,000Oak Ridge, NCDefense
Ocracoke VFD Headquarters and Fire Station$1,900,000Ocracoke, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Incubator$250,000Pembroke, NC
Development of Efficient and Economical Production of Biodiesel$750,000Pembroke, NCEnergy & Water
Center for Rural Health and Wellness - UNC Pembroke$400,000Pembroke, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Gang and Drug Eradication Initiative$500,000Plymouth, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Strategic Technology Initiative$475,500Plymouth, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Preserving the Legacy Project$500,000Quantico, VALabor/HHS/Education
NC Multi-Hazard Threat Database$334,440Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Beaver Management Assistance Program$300,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center$500,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Aquaculture$400,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Crop Pathogens and Protection Program$500,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Forest Biotechnology$400,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Southeast Climate Consortium$300,000Raleigh, NCAgriculture
Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research at NCSU$4,000,000Raleigh, NCInterior & Environment
The Dempsey E. Benton Backwash Water Treatment Facility$5,800,000Raleigh, NCInterior & Environment
Wattstopper: Digital Lighting Management (DLM) Technology$845,000Raleigh, NCInterior & Environment
North Carolina Rural Center Homegrown Jobs Center (Statewide)$750,000Raleigh, NC
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Testing Laboratory$1,045,000Raleigh, NCEnergy & Water
North Carolina Rural Center Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative$1,000,000Raleigh, NCEnergy & Water
Integrated Biomass Refining Initiative$1,000,000Raleigh, NCEnergy & Water
Nano-Structured Materials for Safe and Clean Renewable Energy$5,000,000Raleigh, NCEnergy & Water
Food and Agriculture Infrastructure Protection State Coordinator$140,182Raleigh, NCHomeland Security
Power Redundancy and Enhanced Security$377,597Raleigh, NCHomeland Security
Center For Forensic Sciences$500,000Raleigh, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
National Textile Center$3,000,000Raleigh, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Police Department Technology Project$1,500,000Raleigh, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Sheriff Training and Technical Assistance$500,000Raleigh, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Mission Critical Power Systems Reliability Surveys$2,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Low Defect Density Gallium Nitride Materials for High Performance Electronic Devices$4,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Microfiber Fuel Cell and Renewable Hydrogen Generation Technology Development$5,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
ARNG Soldier/Family Support: NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Raleigh, NCDefense
North Carolina Counter Drug Task Force Growth$1,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
North Carolina Counter Drug Task Force Growth$1,200,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Injured Soldier Bone-Integrated Prosthetics Research$2,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Carbon Nanotechnology Energy Conversion and Storage Program$3,500,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Establish Teen CERTs in High Schools Through Local HOSA Chapters$300,000Raleigh, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Community Mobilization Project for Dislocated Workers$1,000,000Raleigh, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Expanding STEM Careers in Medical Technology for Minority Students$1,000,000Raleigh, NCLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina Mobile Outreach Springboard Program$750,000Raleigh, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Simulation Lab Training$800,000Raleigh, NCLabor/HHS/Education
WakeMed Children's Hospital$1,000,000Raleigh, NCLabor/HHS/Education
U. S. 17 and Related Transportation Improvements$3,100,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-95 Rehabilitation$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
NC 12$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-85 in Davidson and Rowan Counties, NC$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
I-40/I-77 Improvements$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
The City of Raleigh Fiber Network$6,150,582Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Downtown Raleigh Pedestrian bridge and safety features$1,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Sealed Corridor Short Throat Crossing Improvements, NC$1,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Capital Area Transit Replacement Buses$4,500,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Testing Laboratory$1,045,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Green Economic Transformation Initiative$400,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority Wave Transit Maintenance and Operations Center$7,500,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
S/TEM Microscope$2,500,000Raleigh/Wake, NCEnergy & Water
Agricultural Biotechnology Business Development Program (Research Triangle Park, NC$600,000Research Triangle Park, NC
Forensic Analysis Center for Technology$3,000,000Research Triangle Park, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Dried Blood Products for Combat Casualty Care$5,000,000Research Triangle Park, NCDefense
Advanced Photovoltaics for Operations Support (APVOS)$3,500,000Research Triangle Park, NCDefense
Efficiency and Safety Modification to M-989A1 HEMAT Trailers - Production$5,000,000Research Triangle Park, NCDefense
Biotechnology Research and Development Workforce Needs Assessment$235,000Research Triangle Park, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Rapid 3D Facial Acquisition System$7,500,000Research Triangle Park, NCHomeland Security
JSF Latch Housing Additive Manufacturing$3,600,000Shelby, NCDefense
Computerized Physician Order Entry$1,000,000Smithfield, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Access to Social Services in Moore County$350,000Southern Pines, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Action for Success Dropout Prevention Project$325,000Southport, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Energy Savings Front Entrance$25,000Sparta, NCLabor/HHS/Education
South Parallel Taxiway$7,583,400Statesville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Phase 1- Training Site (AT) Complex-Phased Construction$15,600,000Stem, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Sunset Beach Town Park$2,000,000Sunset Beach, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Ocracoke School Multi-Purpose Building Cafeteria Project$357,521Swan Quarter, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Mega-Capacity Hybrid Chemistry Lithium Primary Portable Batteries Phase II$5,000,000Valdese, NCDefense
Soccer for Success Healthy Lifestyles and Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative$1,000,000Washington, DCLabor/HHS/Education
Combined Arms Collective Training Facility - Fort Bragg Range 74$3,200,000Waynesville, NCDefense
Martin County Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Renewable Hydrogen Generation Technology Development$5,000,000Williamston, NCEnergy & Water
Mariculture Research Program$500,000Wilmington, NCAgriculture
Forensic Biometric Identification$750,000Wilmington, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Nursing Program$500,000Wilmington, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Bald Head Island Reconnaissance Study$100,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Bogue Banks, NC$250,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Carteret County Inlets, NC$3,950,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Brunswick County Beaches General Reevaluation Report$350,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Carolina Beach & Vicinity (Section 216)$100,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Coastal Data Information Program$5,000,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Concord Streams Restoration (Section 206)$100,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Elevated Water Storage Tank - East Kannapolis$2,500,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Manteo (Shallowbag) Bay$16,000,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Morehead City Harbor, Carteret County, NC$4,100,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
North Carolina Inlets & Waterways$16,250,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
North Carolina International Terminal Reconnaissance Study$404,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Stormwater Infrastructure-Bath Branch Restoration Project$1,000,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Surf City & North Topsail Beach, NC$600,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Tar River Drought Mitigation$3,000,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
West Cary Streams Restoration (Section 206)$310,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
West Onslow Beach (Topsail Island)$722,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Western Cabarrus County Water Service Improvements$3,805,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Wilmington Harbor (Bald Head Island Erosion Study)$600,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Wilmington Harbor Channel Dredging$12,247,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Wilmington Harbor (Section 216)$300,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Wrightsville Beach Shoreline Protection Project$300,000Wilmington/New Hanover, NCEnergy & Water
Airport Business Park (Winston-Salem, NC)$1,500,000Winston-Salem, NC
Center for Design Innovation$810,200Winston-Salem, NC
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program$500,000Winston-Salem, NC
Eastside Enterprise Center Project (EEC)$846,700Winston-Salem, NC
Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma$4,300,000Winston-Salem, NCHomeland Security
City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Joint Firearms Training Facility$2,000,000Winston-Salem, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Gang Youth Prevention and Intervention Strategy Initiative$675,000Winston-Salem, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Bioterrorism Operations Policy for Public Emergency Response$4,000,000Winston-Salem, NCDefense
Establishing Protocols and a Telemedicine Library for Military Treatment of Pediatric Trauma$4,300,000Winston-Salem, NCDefense
Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University$5,000,000Winston-Salem, NCDefense
Center for Injury Biomechanics$4,000,000Winston-Salem, NCDefense
Center for Nano-materials in Bio-sensing and Therapeutics$3,000,000Winston-Salem, NCDefense
RFID Technology Improvements$900,000Winston-Salem, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Pediatric Mobile Intensive Care Unit, Brenner Children's Hospital$300,000Winston-Salem, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Film Scoring Renovation$350,000Winston-Salem, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Biomedical and Translational Research Center$500,000Winston-Salem, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Geographic Information System$1,000,000Winston-Salem, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Brookstown Redevelopment Project$2,000,000Winston-Salem, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Growing Bigger and Better Initiative$300,000Winston-Salem, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Building Initiative - Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work, Roger L. Stevens Center HVAC Renovation Project$500,000Winston-Salem, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development