Earmarks Requested by Larry Kissell in Fiscal Year 2011

Representative from District 8
Elected in 2008 with 55.38% of the vote
Robin Hayes - 126,634
Larry Kissell - 157,185

Larry Kissell requested 115 earmarks worth an average of $1,983,684 each,
for a total of $228,123,680.

Earmark Amount ↑ City Receiving Type
Digital Video for Patrol$81,000Albemarle, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Tarheel Challenge Academy Water & Sewer Project$775,000Albemarle, NCInterior & Environment
Appalachian State University (ASU)/North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) Human Performance Laboratory (HPL)$953,000Boone, NCDefense
Candor, NC VIPER Radio Interoperability Upgrade$25,000Candor, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Textile Research at [TC]$1,000,000Cary, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Carolina Advising Corps$520,000Chapel Hill, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Carolina College Advising Corps$520,000Chapel Hill, NCLabor/HHS/Education
(ARDEC) Improved Productivity for the DoD Supplier Base using Self-Aware Manufacturing Technology$3,100,000Charlotte, NCDefense
Advanced Detection of Hazardous Material (ADHM)$6,000,000Charlotte, NCDefense
Consolidated Data Sharing Portal (CDSP)$866,000Charlotte, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Monitoring, Tracking, and Prosecuting Priority Offenders$1,500,000Charlotte, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Gang of One & Police Activities League- Youth Initiative$1,048,000Charlotte, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Charlotte Area Transit System's (CATS) Blue Line Extension Northeast Corridor Project$2,500,000Charlotte, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Grants to Replace Aging Diesel Engines Plus (GRADE+)$940,000Charlotte, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Foreclosure Prevention Initiative$300,000Charlotte, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Affordable, Sustainable Building Projects in Charlotte and Haiti Project$750,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Carolinas Energy Training Center$800,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Briar Creek Relief Sewer Project$2,500,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Energy Efficiency Enhancements Project$1,000,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Compost Central Expansion Project$1,500,000Charlotte, NCEnergy & Water
Emergency Communications Co-Location$1,000,000Charlotte, NCHomeland Security
Central Piedmont Community College - Regional STEM Pathways Consortium$500,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Mecklenburg County Area Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Disability Services Awareness Campaign$465,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Central Piedmont Community College Health Sciences Advanced Technology Lab$1,000,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Presbyterian Hospital Community Care Cruiser$500,000Charlotte, NCLabor/HHS/Education
R.A.D.I.O. Project$2,500,000Concord, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Kannapolis and Concord Regional Radio Upgrade Project$1,000,000Concord, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Concord, Kannapolis, and Albemarle Major Transmission Waterline$1,000,000Concord, NCInterior & Environment
Concord Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement$2,500,000Concord, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Concord Traffic Management Center$1,000,000Concord, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Hazard Mitigation Water Delivery Plan$187,500Concord, NCHomeland Security
Southeastern North Carolina Global Economic Integration Initiative$1,000,000Elizabethtown, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Small Farm Entrepreneurship Program$685,000Fayetteville, NCAgriculture
Partnership for Defense Innovation Wi-Fi Laboratory Testing and Assessment Center$4,600,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Fayetteville State University Center for Military Family and Community Outreach$975,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Fayetteville State University Center for Critical Language and Culture (CCLC)$2,000,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Chip-Based Gamma Ray Detection Technology$5,000,000Fayetteville, NCDefense
Methodist University Cyber Security Education and Training Program$750,000Fayetteville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Regional Public Safety Communications$2,000,000Fayetteville, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Hybrid Transit Buses, Fayetteville, NC$1,500,000Fayetteville, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Vulnerability Assessment and Incident Response$900,000Fayetteville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Methodist University Nursing Program$750,000Fayetteville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Cumberland County Electronic Medical Records$535,000Fayetteville, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Fayetteville Regional Airport Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)$800,000Fayetteville, NCFinancial Services
Parking Garage, FORSCOM_USARC HQ$29,000,000Fort Bragg, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Parking Garage/82d Abn Div HQ$13,400,000Fort Bragg, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Murchison Road Extension Phase II$18,000,000Fort Bragg, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Workforce Training Capacity Expansion$2,000,000Hamlet, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Westside and Southside Road Extensions$2,500,000Harrisburg, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Town of Hoffman Wastewater Collection System$2,500,000Hoffman, NCInterior & Environment
ARS Human Nutrition Research, NC$2,000,000Kannapolis, NCAgriculture
US 29/Dale Earnhardt Blvd Intersection Improvement$2,500,000Kannapolis, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
High Speed Optical Networking at NCRC$500,000Kannapolis, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Rogers Lake Road Railroad Overpass$2,500,000Kannapolis, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Western Cabarrus County Water Service Improvements$2,000,000Kannapolis, NCEnergy & Water
East Kannapolis Elevated Water Storage Tank Project$2,500,000Kannapolis, NCEnergy & Water
8th Street Culvert Replacement$900,000Kannapolis, NCHomeland Security
Job Creation for Multiple Sclerosis Research at the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC)$2,000,000Kannapolis, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Laurinburg 20 inch Water Transmission Main Replacement$648,000Laurinburg, NCInterior & Environment
Roads Resurfacing Project & Campus Resurfacing Project$2,500,000Laurinburg, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Intermodal Industrial Complex Study$600,000Laurinburg, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Renewable Energy Project$2,000,000Laurinburg, NCEnergy & Water
Scotland County Emergency Operations Center$350,000Laurinburg, NCHomeland Security
Jobs Training Program$750,000Laurinburg, NCLabor/HHS/Education
50 Cities Program$750,000Laurinburg, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Laurinburg Institute Organizational Parity with Comparable Institutions$1,000,000Laurinburg, NCLabor/HHS/Education
STEM Program$1,000,000Laurinburg, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Scotland County Senior Wellness Center$500,000Laurinburg, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Sherwood Park & Kings Heights Sewer Service$517,424Locust, NCInterior & Environment
West Stanly Sewer Flow Equalization Basin$546,700Locust, NCInterior & Environment
Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Runway Improvements$1,030,000Maxton, NCDefense
Town of Midland Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), Sewer infrastructure$2,123,000Midland, NCInterior & Environment
NC Police Department In-Car Camera Project$300,000Monroe, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Charlotte Monroe Executive Airport Infrastructure Improvements$2,500,000Monroe, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
National Rural Development Fellows, North Carolina 8th District$170,000New York, NYAgriculture
Wounded Warriors and the National Organization on Disability$355,000New York, NYDefense
Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation$1,120,900Oakboro, NCInterior & Environment
Construct New Crash/ Fire/ Rescue Station$13,100,000Pope Air Force Base, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
Emerald Place Conservation-Based Affordable Housing (EP-CBAH) Initiative$2,500,000Raeford, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Enhancing Instruction with SmartBoards: 21st Century Technology in Every Classroom Project$535,000Raeford, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Multi Hazard- Database of North Carolina$334,440Raleigh, NCAgriculture
North Carolina Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy$1,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
ARNG Soldier/Family Support: NCNG Family Assistance Centers$1,600,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Bone Integrated Prosthetics for Combat-Injured Soldiers$2,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Unit Specific Historical records for Servicemembers in the Military$5,000,000Raleigh, NCDefense
Replace Squadron Operations Facility$8,500,000Raleigh, NCMilitary Construction & Veterans Affairs
National Textile Center Research$500,000Raleigh, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
North Carolina Sheriffs Training and Technical Assistance$500,000Raleigh, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Communications Enhancement Project$600,000Raleigh, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
George Liles Parkway in Cabarrus County, NC$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Widening of NC 3 in Cabarrus County, NC$2,000,000Raleigh, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
North Carolina Rural Center Water and Wastewater System Efficiency Program$2,000,000Raleigh, NCEnergy & Water
North Carolina Rural Center Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative$1,000,000Raleigh, NCEnergy & Water
Community Mobilization Project for Dislocated Workers$1,000,000Raleigh, NCLabor/HHS/Education
North Carolina Rural Center Homegrown Jobs Center$750,000Raleigh, NCFinancial Services
Ft. Bragg Region STEM Enhanced Technology Classrooms$500,000Research Triangle Park, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Richmond County Water Treatment Plant Expansion$2,500,000Rockingham, NCInterior & Environment
Uwharrie Trail Expansion-Tucker Property$300,000Salisbury, NCInterior & Environment
Uwharrie Trail Expansion-Little Long Mountain$700,000Salisbury, NCInterior & Environment
Sewer Collection System Extension Phase 3$241,210Stanfield, NCInterior & Environment
Star, NC VIPER Radio Interoperability Upgrade$25,000Star, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Montgomery County Emergency Management Communications Improvement$1,350,000Troy, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
Industrial Megasite Water and Sewer Improvements$2,437,027Troy, NCInterior & Environment
Animal Control Shelter$660,000Troy, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Montgomery County Airport Improvements$2,000,000Troy, NCTransportation, Housing & Urban Development
Montgomery County Community College Efficiency Improvements$1,170,000Troy, NCEnergy & Water
Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department Assistance$1,687,500Troy, NCHomeland Security
Montgomery County Back Street to Main Street Project$595,000Troy, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Montgomery County Community College Health Science Facility$2,000,000Troy, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Montgomery County Schools One to One Initiative$178,000Troy, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Montgomery County Health and Human Services Facility$2,000,000Troy, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Law Enforcement Visual Intelligence Tool$600,000Wadesboro, NCCommerce, Justice & Science
South Wadesboro Sewer Project$2,143,979Wadesboro, NCInterior & Environment
Safe and Orderly Schools Project$150,000Wadesboro, NCLabor/HHS/Education
Ant-Based Cyber Defense$1,080,000Winston-Salem, NCDefense