Concord Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement

Legislator: Larry Kissell
Rep, D-8
Cost: $2,500,000
Recipient: City of Concord- Concord Regional Airport
9000 Aviation Blvd
Concord, NC 28027
City: Concord, NC
Type: Transportation, Housing & Urban Development

The current control tower at Concord Regional Airport (CRA) was originally built as an observation area for the airport, and was used for air traffic control work during Concord's May and October NASCAR races. When CRA became a Federal Contract Tower in 2001 the facility was upgraded to meet FAA specifications. Radar and other equipment have been added, which takes up all of the tower's useable space. Some equipment is even stored in a nearby office. Additionally, CRA's runway was recently extended from 5,500 feet to 7,400 feet. That extension was 1,900 feet to the north of the tower, which reduces the visual capacity of the controllers for aircraft at the north end. CRA is the busiest general aviation airport in the State of North Carolina. It is imperative that controllers have the visual capacity to safely guide all inbound and outbound flights. A new, higher tower will provide that additional visual capacity, thereby maximizing safety and use of the newly lengthened runway.

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