Presbyterian Hospital Community Care Cruiser

Legislator: Larry Kissell
Rep, D-8
Cost: $500,000
Recipient: Presbyterian Hospital
200 Hawthorne Lane
Charlotte, NC 28204
City: Charlotte, NC
Type: Labor/HHS/Education

The Presbyterian Hospital Community Care Cruiser program seeks federal funding to expand its successful Community Care Cruiser program to serve additional areas of Mecklenburg County, Cabarrus and Union Counties. The current cruiser, operating since 2007, has served 3200 children and is designed to combat healthcare disparities among underserved children across the region and provide primary and preventive pediatric medical care. Medical services provided on the cruiser will increase the number of children with health insurance, improve immunization rates, remove health disparities among the disadvantaged, promote access to preventive health services, foster positive, supportive living and working conditions in our communities, and support families in the effort to develop the capabilities, education and skills to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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