Southeastern Area Transit System (SEATS)

Legislator: Kay Hagan
Sen, D
Cost: $800,000
Recipient: Robeson County, NC
701 N. Elm Street
Lumberton, NC 28358
City: Lumberton, NC
Type: Transportation, Housing & Urban Development

SEATS provides human service agency and rural general public transportation for Robeson County residents. The On average, SEATS operates 18 buses and handicapped vans on a daily basis. This service is important to those in the community most in need. The County now rents 2500 square feet of space for these operations at a cost of $18,000 per year. This arrangement is no longer satisfactory, however, as the facility is poorly maintained by its owners, does not include needed training space, has no storage or cover for County vehicles, and has no visibility from any street because of the proximity of an old warehouse. To address these deficiencies, the County is seeking federal support to build a new bus facility on land Robeson already owns.

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